Happy Hips for the Modern Human - Part 2

If you missed part 1 of my Happy Hips series you can check it out here.

Happy Hips for the Modern Human Part 2 includes a series of ground movement positions that are beginner friendly. You may want to have a few props like a yoga block, 1/2 cylinder, and firm blankets, or yoga bolster to help support your knees and hips.

Adding more ground movement into your daily life is one way to get a variety of movements that can help keep your body in alignment, energy levels consistent, and an optimize cognitive function while at work.

Many folks work in a seated position 8-12 hours per day. And these folks tend to experience low back pain, tight hips, tight hamstrings, and neck tension from repetitively sitting in the same position for the majority of their waking hours. What is really cool is that it’s not the sitting that is creating these misalignments in the body, it’s the lack of variety in how you sit that is.

You can change the way your body is positioned throughout your 8-12 hour work day and this series is a great place to start. Another option that may be more practical or realistic is to dedicate about 30 minutes a day ( you can break it up into smaller “movement snacks”) moving on the ground.

Stay tuned for Happy Hips for the Modern Human Part 3- Integration. You’ll learn how you can integrate these ground movement positions into your daily life.



Happy Hips for the Modern Human- Part 1

Tight hips can certainly become problematic for the whole body. One reason why tight hips are common is because our bodies generally live in a flexed position the majority of our days, making other parts of our body sedentary and underused. The goal of my Happy Hips series is to get more of your parts moving more often. Think about all of the hours spent over the course of your day, week, month, year, and decade in a hip flexed position… Sitting is not necessarily the villain it’s the lack of a variety of positions for your whole body.

I want to share with you 3 corrective exercises that I have used with my clients, most of them being women in the 50+ range but also women who are my age (33) and younger…so this isn’t necessarily an AGE matter, it’s a lifestyle matter. This is also not gender specific...men, Happy Hips is for you too!

Happy Hips for The Modern Human- Part 1 will help you release tension in your hips with three of my favorite corrective exercises that you can easily do at home, at your workplace (maybe?) and at a gym. You will need a foam roller or a few firm blankets, a yoga strap, and a 1/2 foam cylinder.

The goal is to practice these corrective exercises as often as possible. There is no wrong amount other than not at all. The more you move more parts of your body, the more you’ll move! So let’s get moving.

In the following video I guide you through the following corrective exercises that will send tons of love and nourishment to your hips.

Iliac Psoas Release (hip flexor release)

Quad Stretch

Lunge Stretch

After you’ve completed Part 1 share your experience on IG using #happyhipsrestored so I can see how it went for you + you can connect with other folks in the feminine badass community. It’s really inspiring to see how crafty others can be in their space. And their space may be similar to yours.

Part 2 Happy Hips is all about ground movement. Is sitting moving? Is it good for you? Stay tuned! In the meantime, change the way you are sitting right NOW! Seriously…GO.



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