3 Strength Moves for Real World Fitness

One of the first concepts that attracted me to MovNat and Natural Movement was the importance in building strength for real world situations such as lifting and carrying heavy objects like furniture and children. I also appreciate their approach to training minimally and anywhere.

As much as I like to train in a designated training space like a gym, sometimes life doesn't allow me access to a perfectly designed space with tons of perfectly engineered tools like barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells.  Like many mothers, sometimes a trip to the gym is just not going to happen.  

No matter where you live, your income, or your training space, you can perform these 3 strength movements and get wicked strong. (I live in New Hampshire now so I foresee this adjective becoming a staple in my writing) 

  These are the top 3 strength movements I recommend to women, especially mothers with little ones. When you put these movements together they create a "sequence" that you may recognize. You probably do these movements daily and with a variety of objects and weight.  

I encourage women to lift for physiological benefits like bone density but I also feel that lifting helps cultivate inner strength. Lifting helps me to feel powerful and is a way for me to connect to my inner strength through my physical ability. Then when the time comes to be a strong force in the world I feel prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

These 3 movements require minimal equipment. I recommend using an object you are used to lifting like a kettlebell plus an oddly shaped object like a rock, a child (for real, lol), a laundry basket with some household items inside, or a sandbag.  The point is to show you how to learn the movement mindfully with a more formal approach to lifting and then carry over the same movement to an un-orthodox object for training but something you probably lift regularly.

It's the movement not the the object that you are mastering. We want to build a strong mind and body that can adapt to different situations. 

In this video tutorial I break down my 3 go-to strength movements for real world fitness. Yes, its geared towards women and specifically moms, but if you are a bipedal human being and you pick things up and put them down...this is for you. 

In this tutorial I cover the deadlift, lapping, carrying and a get up variation technique that I drew from MovNat, a natural movement fitness education system that I teach for. To learn more about their approach to fitness go here. 



After watching the tutorial give this training session a shot. Remember to connect mindfully to your movement and environment in which you are moving in and with. 


Do 3-5 rounds of the following sequence:

- 5 Deadlifts (o not use a max weight. You should be able to do 1-2 more reps safely but not too easily.) 

- Lap the weight and position it properly with a safe grip

- 40 meter carry

- Use the lighter weight & do 5x10 (5 sets of 10 repetitions)  cross squat sit getups. 

Rest for up to 1-2 minutes between rounds. 





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