Assessment and Consultation


Assessment and Consultation


Abby is here to listen to you and help you develop nourishing and sustainable habits to reach your personal fitness goals . She will assess your alignment, provide simple and accessible personal daily movement practices, and explore practical strategies to move more parts of you throughout your day.

After your 60 minute video session you will discuss a plan of action and how Abby can continue to support you on your movement journey, if that is something you both feel is a great fit.

Your Assessment and Consultation Includes:

  • An intake form prior to your coaching call so that Abby can learn more about your specific lifestyle (i.e. what do you have access to, your schedule), and goals.

  • Attentive listening and shared discussion about your personal goals, obstacles that prevent you from reaching those goals and strategies for overcome them.

  • Body Alignment Assessment - Let’s see where you are and where we want to go with an initial alignment assessment (video required).

  • 3 exercises you can do immediately after your first coaching call

  • Setting realistic, achievable and attainable goals with actionable steps for sustainable success.

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