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Photo Credit Jason Cheney Photography

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Photo Credit Nick Keating

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Dear One,

 My name is Abby Corriveau. I’m a modern day working - mama to a precious little man and I’ve been coaching clients and educating other health professionals since 2006.

I am a Nutritious Movement Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist, former MovNat Team Instructor, and a Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach with 12 years of coaching experience. With my integrative and extensive expertise, I have been able to help hundreds of people reclaim their health with sustainable movement practices.

  My mission is to help humans move more and well so they can live a healthy and joyful life that aligns with their truth.

Movement helps us engage with our community, cultivate awareness of our environment, and stimulate our mind + body connection.

With our technological advances in our modern day world we’ve exchanged our inherited ability to move for convenience. And as a working-mom, I totally get it. I understand why we make daily choices like driving more instead of walking. We are busy and only have so many hours in the day to get things done.

My goal is to help modern mamas and all humans restore their movement with a sustainable movement practice that awakens sedentary parts of the body, reactivates the mind + body connection, and gets you moving more throughout the day.

Movement is meant to be sustainable and accessible for all. I am determined to help make fitness and exercise more available to communities and groups of people who are underserved and supported.

We can find a harmonious balance as a capable human living in the modern world with a sustainable movement practice. We can embrace the internet and still move our bodies. We can appreciate a dish washer and still be conscious of how often we outsource our movement and labor to technology or other people.

And this website was created to help you align yourSelf with a sustainable movement practice and empower you to live your life to it’s greatest potential.

Get moving! And change the world!